The Autocop TrackPro a car tracking and central locking system. This device ensure your car’s complete security also supports tracking of your car. The device provides Tow Away Alert feature. Even if your car gets towed away for parking at a wrong place, you will get an alert. It also provides a protection that includes Door / Boot / Bonnet protection. You can also protect the engine ignition with the help of this device.
Autocop -TrackPro lets you find the exact location of the vehicle via SMS alerts, and you also get an SMS alert if the pre-programmed speed limit of the car is exceeded. The performance of the Autocop -TrackPro is further enhanced by the Real Time Web based Vehicle Tracking System. You can check the vehicle’s trip history and summary and can also locate the nearest fuel station via SMS. It comes with a full one year warranty, free installation and in reasonable and affordable price.

1  LOCK (ARM) with Beep
2  LOCK (ARM) without Beep
3  LOCK(ARM) without interior movement
4  UNLOCK(DISARM) with Beep
5  UNLOCK(DISARM) without Beep
6  Panic Mode
7  Car Finder
8  Garage Mode (Service Mode)
9  Remote Button Child Lock
10  Interior Movement Alerts
11  Towed Away
12  Unauthorized Ignition Alert
13  Unauthorized Door Alert
14  GPS Connection
15  Trackpro Reconnected
16  Unauthorized Bonnet Alerts
17  SMS to locate your vehicle
18  Security control on your Anroid App
19  Real Time web base tracking on PC or Smart Phone
20  Vehicle Trip hostory and Summary
21  Nearest Fuel Pump Location via SMS
22  Illegal Door Open Alert
23  Geo-Fence alert (entry or Exit)
24  Route Deviation Alert
25  Over-speed Alert

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